Doraiswamy, Scientific Palm Analysis
the story of a living Legend

Mr. Frank & Petra Rudnick - Germany

First of all I thank you very much for making the remedy. The last weeks after our trip to India and our visit in your house have shown that many things you told us have turned out to be true. According to your advice we handle things as carefully as possible - and hope that we can manage sensibly all the problems.

Mrs. Selviravi - Adyar, Chennai

Gold glitters anywhere in the Universe and attracts people from infinite directions. Likewise, our beloved APPA (as we call him) attracts people irrespective of any standard worldwide through his unique vibrations and astonishing predictions proven scientifically. One could feel the warmth of his vibrations when he touches our hands with ever smiling face filled with charm, dignity, encouragement, and affection.

The added specialty in him is that he spends adequate time (more than an hour, at times) for every individual visiting him in a complete privacy cabin and maintains strict confidentiality of every client who approaches him for guidance and support.

He has provided several remedial measures for our family, my parents, brothers, brother-in-law, and friends. He visited our home for Vasthu changes, as well. I purchased a home in Adyar only after his approval. He is a valuable asset to mankind. Any reader who reads this from any part of the world should meet him for unlocking one's true values to reach the individual's Goal for better prospects of his or her life which is hidden. Lastly, to say, "My AYYA changes our destiny!! Visit him once to feel the experience and hidden truth"



Now, I am going to tell about God's Voice through Dr. Doraiswamy (Appa), we all call him as Appa. I know Appa for the past twenty years. He is not an ordinary palmist, but a scientific palm analyst.


He predicts future 100% accurate. He predicts not only future, but also our past. He is an internationally accepted, scientific palm analyst.

My husband got transfer orders to India border. So, he was shocked, because he could not tolerate extreme climate. So, he approached Appa for solution. He verified his palm, analyzed and said ," You will not be transferred to border of India, but to Delhi definitely." Even though we have faith in his words, we could not believe, because such modification is not possible in his organization. But, due to some office allocation, his transfer has been modified and he got Delhi. Really, such modification is not at all possible, but it happened.

Similarly, the doctor has diagnosed my eyes have been affected by Glaucoma. For this also, we approached him. Now also he verified, analyzed my palm and said, "Definitely, you do not have Glaucoma". But, we have believed doctor's findings only. But after 6 months, I again went for the check-up. But during this check-up, the doctor told me that, no glaucoma was present in my eyes.

Here I am quoting only two instances. But so many instances, occurred in my life. Not only in my life, but also in the life of persons, who have approached him.

His calculation on verification of our palm is 100% accurate.

Finally, I am saying that his voice is Gods" voice. He is not for money, fame etc. He is a service oriented person.

Now, I have to say something about Amma (Ms. Doraiswamy ) also. She is such a nice kind hearted and noble lady.

So, I pray this couple should live long to serve our society.

Amrutha Ravi - My experience with Dr. K.Doraiswamy…

I have known Thatta (grandfather in Tamil) for 3 years now and it is undoubtedly one of the best things that has happened to me. On January, 2013 my father told me these words before taking me to Doraiswamy Thatta - “Come and meet him if you want your life to change remarkably” and I’m so glad that I got this opportunity. He is truly a legend, the king of his subject, a messenger from God and above all a kind and a service oriented person. His predictions are so perfect and accurate that will astonish anybody.

I had just completed one semester of engineering when I met him and asked for guidance with respect to my career. After studying my hand, he told me that pursuing MBA in Finance/HR is the correct path for me. I was apprehensive back then because I had planned to do MS. But thinking about it now, I just can’t thank him enough for his support and guidance. As per his suggestion, I started preparing for CAT and took the examination in 2015 and performed extremely well.

His remedial measures have been proven to be highly effective. There are a lot of other things that he has predicted about me and my family. Every single thing is and has come TRUE. Such is his knowledge and dedication to his work. His ever so calm nature, kindness and his tolerance to all the different questions that I ask just makes me like him so much that I feel he is a part of our family now.
Scientific palm analysis is definitely not a humbug as many would think. There are a lot of case studies which show that the tables have been turned for a lot of families. Every person is born to accomplish a specific objective in life and Dr.Doraiswamy accurately finds it through Scientific Palm Analysis (SPA). He is far better than Mathematicians and Astrologers like Bhaskaracharaya and Varahamihira.
Dr.Doraiswamy has invented a lot in this field including 3 lakh points and 1500 preventive and remedial measures. He deserves a lot of recognition from the government as well as from other organizations. But he has not been honored enough. Even at this age, he is thoroughly inclined to his domain and has been enriching the lives of many. There are only a handful of people who prioritize service above anything else. One of them is my Thatta, a TRUE LEGEND.




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