Doraiswamy, Scientific Palm Analysis
the story of a living Legend

A glimpse of the scientific palm analyst

Dr. Kadirvelu Doraiswamy, scientific palm analyst, also invented 'Palmistry by Technology'TM. Many clients have benefited from this technology and are leading an outstanding life. This 'Palmistry by TechnologyTM' has given results through the Microscopic Readings with Various Magnificient Lens and also Mathematical Calculations. All the Microscopic Lines in the Palm has been identified by Our Technology and It is First time Globally.

Dr. Kadirvelu Doraiswamy innovated the Palmistry as Scientific Palmistry, later on through my advanced innovation named and registered it as Scientific Palm Analysis or SPA®. This Findings is as per science of the human body and through latest microscopic + mathematical calculations.

Books written by Dr.K.Doraiswamy include Theory of Palmistry, Theory of Scientific Palm Analysis and Theory of 'Palmistry by TechnologyTM'

Dr. Kadirvelu Doraiswamy, famously known as 'Appa or Ayya', was born on July 15, 1936 in a small village of Vaiyavoor near the historical town of Kancheepuram, South India. He hailed from one of the wealthiest families in town. His life and character were greatly influenced by his mother Smt. Kannammal. He lost his father at his early age.

However, he showed a keen interest in palmistry even as a youngster by predicting the past and the present. He started reading lot of books on palmistry and the life histories of renowned great leaders worldwide. His accurate predictions started when he first looked at his mother's hand when he was 19 years, and continued to study his friends and relatives' palms, as well.

He has been able to achieve this because of his constant meditation, highly disciplined life, friendly nature, philosophical qualities, and various other attributes. One can feel the warmth of his vibrations when he touches the clients' hands. He continued to attain vast knowledge in the areas of geology, astrology, astronomy, science, education, business, technology, health, skin, medicine, and so on. He is a successful man in the history of palmistry.

"Any man well versed in science is a scientist.
Any person who guides others by looking at the lines in their palms is a palmist.
However "Appa" as he is addressed by many is a combination of both a scientist and
a palmist or more aptly a scientific palm analyst."

Turning point

Marconi, one of the great inventors, made the following quote of scientific inadequacy before he died. "The inability of science to solve the mystery of human life is certainly the most persistent problem ever placed before the thought of man."

Millions of people watch fruits falling from a tree or eat them. However, one great man questioned "what made the apples to fall". He was none other than Sir Isaac Newton which provoked him to discover the Laws of Gravitational Force based on the above phenomenon. His close observations further led to more than 1,300 inventions which were recognized and acknowledged by great scientists, philosophers, and doctorates worldwide.

Another example worth quoting is "people stare at the leaves wobbling due to breeze. But, Galileo observed the cause behind the reason and made the greatest invention, Pendulum & Telescope.

Likewise, the microscopic lines of thousands of hands are deeply studied and analyzed by Dr. K. Doraiswamy which led to the greatest invention of Scientific Palm Analysis (SPATM) and various other inventions in the history of palmistry.


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