Doraiswamy, Scientific Palm Analysis
the story of a living Legend

What is SPA®?


The science of living beings in general, and especially of the human individual, has not made such great progress. It still remains in a descriptive state. Man is an indivisible whole of extreme complexity. No simple presentation of him can be obtained. There is no method capable of apprehending a person simultaneously in his entirety, his parts and relations with the outer world. In order to analyze ourselves, we are obliged to seek the help of various techniques and, therefore, to utilize several sciences. Dr. Doraiswamy tried to find out the goal or purpose of the birth of every individual.

It is a clear fact that the science of man is most difficult of all sciences. Interestingly, the palm, it would seem, is the index of a person's life history.

According to Dr. Alex Carrell, "the lines of the finger-tips are permanent characteristics of any human being". Finger prints are the genius signature of man or woman. However, the configuration of the skin is only one of the aspects of the individuality of tissues. This interested and contemplated Dr. Doraiswamy to perform a deep and exhaustive research on thousands of palms and invented the so-called SPA®, which is accredited worldwide in the history of palmistry. Through this SPA®, the Goal of every human being or more aptly the purpose of human birth could be identified.

Our deepest thoughts create and change the lines in our palms. The study of these microscopic lines, their analysis, identification of their shapes, structures of the palms and fingers according to various types and categorizing them is known as SPA®. Once identified, it is then possible to know a person's habits, character, past, present & future, family background, professional trends, critical life situations and many more. A scientist or an inventor like Dr. Doraiswamy seldom knows contemporaneous reward. It is enough to possess the happiness of his creative service to the humanities.

The uniqueness of SPA®

Objective and mission of a human birth can be precisely identified through the SPA®. Also, the path of the goal towards achieving it can be built, designed, regulated, and guided until success is attained.

Simultaneously, the cause for the problems or barriers encountered earlier could be clearly isolated and completely solved after this proven scientific analysis.

Diagrammatic illustration is found below

Let's read what the Legend of Palmistry, Dr. K. Doraiswamy states when he says "YOUR WORLD IS IN YOUR PALMS"

Dr. Kadirvelu Doraiswamy innovated the Palmistry as Scientific Palmistry, later on through my advanced innovation named and registered it as Scientific Palm Analysis or SPA®. This Findings is as per science of the human body and through latest microscopic + mathematical calculations.

SPA® is an accurate identification and decoding of a single mark on the human palms to obtain a reading of one's life. My finding is not to expend energy on attempts to discredit other theories, but to utilize this God-given gift for the welfare of others. I strongly refute the assumption that the left palm should be read in the case of women and right palm for men. According to my research and findings, both palms must be read in conjunction. Unlike other similar fields, SPA® is not limited to fortune telling or other prediction of events to come. It is an art which enables the analyst to foresee in a person's life the various pitfalls or problems together with their causes and prevention and to provide precise scientifically proven remedial measures for their elimination or circumvention.

Remedial measures

Remedies are made in accordance with numerous divisions of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bashyams, and Pathanchali Yoga Sutra. His remedial measures are preventive, powerful, more efficient and effective in solving problems through Vaisesikam.

Research works and inventions

While reading voraciously to master the art, he used his friends and acquainted them to carry out his own research, studying and analyzing thousands of palms. Currently, he devotes his valuable time for the welfare of others by spending nearly 14-16 hours a day. He sets his goals and ensures their attainment is met through his sincere dedication and hard work. This systematic schedule of his work and food habits led to his successes so far. His 55 years of exhaustive research in the field of palmistry led to the following inventions

Scientific Palm analysis (Palmistry)
2000 treatises
Tips of the fingers
300 treatises
Reverse of the palm
200 treatises
Marks of the palms
200 treatises
140 treatises
51 treatises
Microscopic lines
100 treatises
19 treatises
Skin structure (4 layers)
10 treatises
Colours of the palms
10 treatises
3030 treatises


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